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    服務器、存儲產品購買熱線:400-860-6708 ERP、管理軟件購買熱線:400-018-7700云服務產品銷售熱線:400-607-6657


    OSS Fulfillment Solution Inspur OSS Fulfillment Solution enables service providers and operators to establish E2E fulfillment process of multiple services and support marketing operations and help reduce TTM, realize rapid service provision and improve efficiency and productivity. The solution provides strong capability to support full service fulfillment for individual customer, home customer and corporate customer such as broadband, voice, TV, VPN LL, internet LL, transmission LL, voice LL and converged services.
    • 產品介紹

      Inspur OSS Fulfillment Solution offers unified fulfillment capability to service providers and operators to assure timely service provision and meet customer service level agreements. On basis of eTOM specifications, the solution covers service fulfillment readiness, service fulfillment process and service fulfillment control.

      Furthermore, as market changes (new product, new service, new flow, more resource types and more vendors), Inspur OSS Fulfillment Solution offers mechanism to assure agile and rapid adaption to change from external marketing and internal network and maintenance.

      Order Management (OM) is the core system of service fulfillment solution. It integrates with CRM to receive customer order and start service fulfillment process. It schedules the process by flow and interacts with IM, AM, WFM and other systems to perform fulfillment actions.

      Inventory Management (IM) is the fundamental resource data platform. It provides central capability to manage various networks and resources and supports intelligent resource configuration function during entire provisioning.

      Outside Plant Management (OSP) is a system special-designed for OSP resource management. It provides GIS-based presentation and management for various OSP resources in operator’s network to support service assurance and fulfillment operations.

      Activation Management (AM) is a centralized platform to receive activation orders from OM and execute activation operations on EMS/NE. It is capable to access EMS/NE supporting multi-vendor, multi-protocol and dispatch instructions by customized instruction template.

      Workforce Management (WFM) is the platform for managing and scheduling workforce, tools and materials to realize right staff and tools to do right work at right time and right place. It supports various service process and prompts optimal resource usage and work performance.




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